Thursday, December 3, 2015

Is Your Nail Polish TPHP-Free?

DID YOU KNOW? The cosmetics and beauty industry has been on fire recently because of a new study by Duke University and the Environmental Working Group that shows the increased presence of TPHP in the bloodstream of women  wearing nail polish. TPHP is a common ingredient in nail polish because it makes the product more flexible and less brittle.  TPHP is also suspected of being an endocrine-disruptor, which might cause fertility problems among those who want to conceive.
Here's everything you need to know about TPHP.
tphp-free nail polish
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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sustainability Initiative to Keep the Planet More Beautiful

Andrea’s Organic Hair Studio & Day Spa from Naples, Florida Joins Sustainability Initiative to Keep the Planet More Beautiful

(Naples– 8-5-15) As a member of Green Circle Salons, Andrea’s organic Hair Studio & Day Spa  is beginning a comprehensive recycling / reuse program that will help us to significantly reduce our environmental impact on the planet. The program helps us to redirect out of water streams and landfills everything once considered as garbage: hair (in 2010 Green Circle Salons sent more than 1,000 pounds of hair to the Gulf of Mexico to help clean the BP oil spill), foils, color tubes, paper, plastics, and liquid chemical waste (most salons today simply rinse all leftover liquid chemicals into the sink and down the drain).

With today’s age of GREEN & ECO-RESPONSIBILTY, the new buzz words in business are changing us for the better!  We are very excited to take our industry in a new direction with exceptional standards of environmental accountability.  The beauty industry poses many challenges to the environment, from sourcing of ingredients to disposal of packaging and products. Through our alignment with Green Circle Salons, we hope to ameliorate our ecological footprint by implementing simple green changes that will make both our salon, and our industry, more sustainable. We are proud of this new partnership and knowing that Green Circle Salons is 100% traceable and fully accountable for how they handle the materials we give them.

What does this mean for our customers?
• Easily and quickly identify North America’s green salon leaders through an online GCS Directory & smartphone app.
• Today, consumers vote with their dollars. People make the choices for change. With the Green Circle platform, we empower green consumers with choices that support both environmental and social progress. We can now improve the beauty of our clients and the planet at the same time.
• Peace of mind knowing that their salon has taken meaningful steps to keep our communities healthy
• By supporting our salon, they contribute to local and international community development, as well as environmental research and innovation.

Key Questions:
Did you know that currently all aluminum foils and color tubes are not being recycled and are sent to landfill?
Recycling aluminum uses roughly 5% of the energy required to create virgin aluminum from bauxite. Ninety- five percent of all aluminum can be recycled over and over again, including the foils and color tubes that are used in salons across North America. From now, GCS Member Salons will take an environmentally responsible stand and ensure that all metals are properly recycled. This will help to reduce the need for more landfill space, reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources, and decrease the amount of toxins going into our landfill sites.

Did you know hair when placed in garbage bags will mummify, continue to fill our landfill, and give off methane gas?
GCS Member Salons will now be diverting all hair out of landfill and into other more sustainable projects. GCS, in connection with various partners, is looking at ways that hair can play an important role in a number of commercial applications. It’s exciting to know that hair can be used on our oceans to help in oil spill clean up and recovery projects.

Did you know that all excess chemicals including color, perm solutions and ammonia get rinsed down the sink into our water stream?
This is the ugly truth of the industry. Our solution will be to send all excess color waste to a hazardous waste facility where they will be incinerated to produce clean energy!

AAndrea’s Organic Hair Studio & Day Spa
 The concept of Andrea’s Organic Hair Studio is to provide unique and personal salon and spa services that are different from a conventional hair salon. Our professional hairstylists, nail techs, therapists and estheticians, combine their expertise and knowledge with our friendly organic hair, nail and skin products to provide an unparalleled organic full body experience. About Green Circle Salons
Green Circle Salons is a company that provides a simple but powerful green strategy to help salon reduce their environmental footprint and get noticed by consumers looking for genuine green options. We offer a proven pathway for salons to achieve success in the short term and be sustainable into the future. We believe that small steps to transform each salon, with the help of customers and employees, over time, will make that green conversion possible and sustainable. We offer an eco‐systems approach that looks at recycling, energy, lighting, water, cleaning products and the re‐purposing of hair‐ all parts of the salon experience. To do this, we have our own branded services, but also work with best‐of‐class green product and service suppliers.

We are also committed to giving back up to 5% of pre‐tax profits to work with local and international organizations to develop and support programs that make creative environmental impact and lessons for positive change.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Lunchtime Facial - Benefits of Microdermabrasion

Since staying out of the sun is not always an option, microdermabrasion is Hollywood’s secret to looking red-carpet ready. And, whether you’re a man’s man or a girly woman, in the prime of your youth or proudly rich with years of wisdom, the beauty of this lunchtime facial is that it’s perfect for most anyone looking to freshen up their face. From erasing years from your appearance to reversing the damaging effects of tanning your bod, check out the benefits of microdermabrasion.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion, also known as Microderm, is a cosmetic procedure used to remove the top layer of sun-damaged and dead skin cells and leaving behind a healthier, younger you.
  1. Rejuvenates sun damaged skin – The sun can do a number on your skin, causing sun spots, wrinkles and enlarge pores. But, freshening up your skin is a cinch with a few microdermabrasion sessions.
  2. Eases age spots – Microderm is like giving your skin cells a pep talk, stimulating new cells to replace the damaged ones as you watch your age spots — which is actually caused by sun damage that can strike at any age – fade into the sunset.
  3. Painless – Whether exfoliating with crystals or paddles, this painless treatment exfoliates the skin without the tears, even if you aren’t the toughest of men.
  4. Improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles – Regardless of your age, exposing your skin to UV rays is like begging lines and wrinkles to riddle your face regardless of your age. However, microderm can step in and soften those creases and turn back the clock on aging.
  5. Works quickly – Also dubbed a lunchtime procedure, microdermabrasion is a fast technique with immediate results – and with little to no downtime to force you to hide your face from your fans or your friends.
  6. Makes other cosmetic procedures work better – Microderm can be combined with other procedures such as chemical peels to rejuvenate your complexion. It also helps makes it a piece of cake for topical products to penetrate through the surface layer.
  7. Helps makeup look smoother – By ridding your complexion of dead skin cells and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, microdermabrasion lets your makeup glide on for a flawless finish.
  8. Gives acne treatment the advantage – Microderm opens up clogged pores that lead to acne, helping to get rid of the junk and leaving cleaner, smoother skin behind. It also opens the door for topical anti-acne treatments, making it easier for medication to penetrate the skin.
  9. Improves acne scars – Softening the top layer of your skin with microdermabrasion can smooth very superficial acne scars by removing the skin’s dead cells on the surface of your skin and improving the smoothness and texture of your mug.
  10. Shrinks pores – Enlarged pores aren’t a pretty sight, but luckily this affordable Tinsel Town favorite will tighten enlarged pores and get your complexion paparazzi-ready.
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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Keratin benefits for skin, hair and nails!

Keratin Technology

Keratin is a family of proteins that are among the most important and versatile that nature has ever produced.
From structures built for toughness and protection, such as hair, nails, and skin, to subtle bioactive mediators carrying important peptides that tell injured skin cells to heal and grow, keratin is nature's material of choice due to superior physical properties, and a crucial biological activity.

From within every cell of human and animal bodies, the definitive combinations of amino acids and fibrous structures that characterize keratins are used to build strong, healthy tissues, and encourage the development of surrounding strong, healthy tissue.

The ability of keratin to provide physical structure and biological function is due to the unique form that keratins have evolved for this purpose.

Benefits for Hair:
  • What Is Keratin? It's a protein that's naturally in your hair.
  • Time-Saving Tresses: If you usually style your hair straight, a keratin hair-straightening treatment could shorten your blow-dry time by 40% to 60%.
  • Farewell, Frizz: You can forget about frizzy hair after treatment. 
Benefits for Skin:

Using keratin in skin care products is definitely a very good idea. The outermost layer of your skin is mostly keratin, and  within every cell in the skin a keratin structure is responsible for keeping the cell functioning well. Over the last few years some high profile medical research has shown that keratin protein plays a really important role in healing, meaning that it helps skin cells to do important things.

Benefits for Nails:

Using keratin in nail treatments at home and at the spa is very beneficial to the nail strengthening process as well as moisturizing hands, softening cuticles.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Against The Grain

Discovering how gluten- free treatments and products can help plant the seeds of change for accommodating the increasing number of spa-goers with this sensitivity.

According to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, 1 in 133 Americans suffer from celiac disease, a genetic autoimmune disease that can cause inflammation and damage to the lining  of the small intestine and interfere with the absorption of nutrients from food, causing fatigue, bloating, and other digestive issues. In addition, 18 million Americans have a non-celiac gluten sensitivity, which is six times the number of Americans who have celiac disease. Symptoms typically appear after ingesting foods containing gluten, which is a protein found in wheat and grains like barely and rye.

Wheat is a common additive in beauty products including body and facial scrubs, shampoos, and cosmetics such as lipsticks. It is commonly used as a hydrating agent and color source in lipsticks. Because skincare products are no supposed to be inhaled or ingested, allergy warnings are not typically visible, which make lipsticks, glosses and balms particularly dangerous for those with a gluten allergy. According to Shannon McLinden, founder and president of FarmHouse Fresh, moisturizers  are also a big concern for gluten-free buyers, because they stay on the skin for longer periods of time than other products. Therefore, clients and estheticians catering to clients with a sensitivity should be diligent in identifying the ingredients on each product's label to ensure that it is completely free of gluten. In addition to wheat, barley and rye it's important to recognize other forms of these ingredients that can be found on labels, including wheatgerm oil, wheat starch, wheat bran, wheat amino acids, and hydrolyzed what protein.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

LED Light Therapy -Skin Care

LED treatment
is a painless, even relaxing skin-care treatment that plumps up aging skin by boosting collagen production and treats mild to moderate acne. LED treatments are sometimes also called LED light therapy, LED red light, LED blue light, or by the name of the manufacturer, such as Dermawave or Revitalight.

LED stands for light-emitting-diodes. First developed by NASA, LED works by sending energy-producing packets of light into the deeper layers of the skin. Red light LED stimulates the fibroblasts that produce collagen, which gives young skin its plump look. Professional LED machines can also minimize fine lines and wrinkles, treat sun-damage and stretch marks, and reduce redness after more aggressive IPL or laser treatments. The results won’t be as dramatic as plastic surgery, IPL or laser, but it’s a gentler, more natural, less expensive way to go.
Blue light LED works by killing the bacteria deep in the skin that is responsible for acne. This LED treatment can be used as a stand alone or part of a facial
Each treatment cost $75
The recommended professional LED protocol is six treatments a week or two apart, followed by a maintenance treatment every month or two.
Radio-frequency / Facial Rejuvenation
Pure RF energy alone is primarily used to treat skin laxity by facial tightening, and is best suited to patients with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues, usually those in their mid thirties to fifties, with any skin colour.

It is commonly used to treat the forehead (lift brows and tightens forehead skin), under the eyes (thickens skin and tightens and lifts the upper cheek skin), cheeks (lifts slightly and diminishes enlarged pores), mid-face, jaw line (diminishes jowling and sagging along the jaw line), and the neck (tightens skin and diminishes wrinkling of the neck).
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