Monday, February 10, 2014

Natural Healing Pedicures

Andrea Sorrenti the owner of the salon and Day Spa is always researching for natural healing ways to use in the spa. For starters she brings oranges and limes grown in her own organic garden. she also brings rosemary, mint and. Fresh cut flowers to add to her pedicure treatments. (Fruit is a natural hydrating way for the feet and skin) She is excited cause she will soon have Mango pedicures!
she is  making some new scrubs that will be all homemade Organic so that she knows what goes in all her pedicures.  She offers her clients natural teas that her grandfather has tought her when little. He lived in Argentina and was a holistic doctor where she learned to love what she does now.

Andrea's Organic Hair Studio & Day Spa Naples,Florida 239-514-4707
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