Thursday, July 3, 2014

Questions and Answers about Keratin Treatments

Andrea's True keratin treatments represent a revolutionary technique to transform dry, frizzy, damaged hair into a prized beauty of super soft, sleek and silky smoother hair. The comdition last for months without causing side effects or damage to the hair.

What is Keratin?
Keratin is the primary protein component found in the hair, teeth and nails, giving them their unique resilient qualities. Keratin is the very substance that renders the hair soft and resilient..  Keratin in the hair is damaged and lost by styling, chemical processes, environmental exposures and shampooing. Severely damaged hair can be made shiny and soft using Keratin smoothing treatments and being followed by using products with keratin, you are helping bring hair back to its natural state by replacing the lost or damaged keratin.
 How does keratin work?
 Our new revolutionary therapy works by encasing the hair shaft with the perfect infusion of keratin bonding solution. When applied on hair, our solution is taken up by the hair shaft, regaining the hair's luster and texture. The natural negative ions help form micro articles from the water molecules allowing the solution inside the hair shaft without doing damage to the hair. This solution fills the "gaps in the hair follicle and is sealed into the outer layer of the hair with heat to preserve the new texture of the hair. Hair is immediately more radiant, silky soft, straighter and cuts drying time in half and also simplifies styling. And the more often you do keratin treatments, the healthier it becomes!

 How long does the Keratin Treatment process take?
It can take anywhere from 45 minutes for above shoulder length hair to 3 hours for waist length hair. Hair thickness will also impact treatment time. Coarser hair will require more time to complete.

Can i perform this keratin treatment after applying hair color?
 This Keratin treatment should be performed after coloring hair. It can be done the same day.

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